Automotive glazing bonding with UV-LUX®


Inspired by possibilities arising from joining ever new materials with higher performance, additional functions and more secure bonding, Lohmann has introduced a genuine innovation: the world’s first UV light-activated adhesive tape technology – UV-LUX®.  

Bonding with UV-LUX® enables introducing a zero-gap strategy, ruling out relative movements of glass modules entirely. Additional safety within the bonding process is provided thanks to color change after activation. The cured bond is safe and gentle to glass, providing semi-structural strenghts with unmatched elongation for epoxy adhesives.

Activation with UV light in seconds, avoiding introducing heat and handling immediately after bonding can make your process more efficient and sustainable. What’s more, Lohmann can customize adhesive die-cuts and deliver already equipped attachment parts ready to use in your process to make it even more streamlined.

Benefits of bonding with UV-LUX ®

Freedom of design 

  • No sliding after curing
  • Bonding non transclucent materials
  • Customized design and preapplication on parts

Efficient and sustainable

  • One side & one step activation in seconds via UV light - no addition heat required
  • Handling straight after activation and bonding
  • No cool-chain necessary



Reliable bonding process due to color change

 NTBD_colors-en (1).png 
  1. Starting color blue: Adhesive tape is pre-applicable at room temperature and activatable within a few seconds
  2. Color change to pink: After UV-light activation. Can be joined immediately afterwards
  3. Color change to purple: After 24 hours. Curing is completed


Positioning pin bonding with DuploLUX® 14071

      Positioning pin bonding with DuploLUX® 14071    



Solution advantages

  • Lohmann delivers pins already equipped with customized die-cuts
  • Parts are ready to bond a couple of seconds after activation
  • Handling strength is reached immediately after curing
  • Easy activation detection due to color change
  • No sliding after curing – glass remains in desired position

  NTBD_UV-LUX_Steps (1).png 

1. Blue pre-applied tape & protected by an opaque liner

2. Activation in seconds in one step. Open time of ~ 5 minutes

3. Bonding with a pressure of 15 N/cm²

4. Curing within 24 hours. Immediate handling possible


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