Our Social Impact 

At Lohmann, we recognize that the cornerstone of our sustainability journey is our people. "People at Lohmann" are not just participants but the driving force behind our sustainable impact, inspiring and propelling us forward. As we pursue a holistic approach to sustainability, we make it a tangible concept for every team member. Each department plays a crucial role, contributing both ecologically and socially, empowering every segment of our organization to develop and implement independent sustainable strategies and measures. Our commitment to being an exceptional employer is intertwined with our dedication to sustainability, continually adapting to meet and shape our employees' evolving needs, ensuring they feel supported, valued, and integral to our mission. This commitment extends into our social responsibilities, deeply rooted in fostering a great workplace and engaging with our community. We strive to create a safe, dynamic environment with excellent working conditions, prioritizing employee health and development. Our dedication to community responsibility sees us actively contributing through sustainable practices. Emphasizing a future-proof learning culture, we enable continuous skill development, especially in sustainable management, aligning with both employee aspirations and our company's needs.