Precise adhesive solutions for medical diagnostics

In the field of diagnostic applications, precision, reliability and good quality management are essential. With more than 30 years of experience in the diagnostic field, Lohmann is a reliable partner for the medical industry. Depending on the requirements, proven standard products are available or innovative custom products are developed - precisely tailored to the needs of the customer.

Lohmann's functional high-end adhesive tapes and die-cuts meet the tightest process tolerances, are stable and easy to process, as well as non-reactive and non-migrating. Adhesive tapes for biosensor applications are made of inert materials, contributing to a high level of patient protection. By assay-protecting sealing in microfluidic applications (lab-on-a-chip) or water-repellent coating of the carrier materials, among others in lateral flow applications (e.g. Corona tests, blood glucose tests, urine samples), the adhesive tapes ensure accurate results, both in medical laboratories and in private households.

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Your benefits:

  • Optical Clear Tapes for highest transparency and bubble-free applications
  • Migration-free and inert adhesives without interactions with biochemical reagents
  • Medical grade tape contributes to trouble-free application due to highest manufacturing standards

Bonding solutions for biosensors, microfluidic devices and dry chemistry tests

As one of the market leaders, Lohmann‘s Bonding Engineers formulate, manufacture, coat and die-cut high-precision adhesive solutions for clinical and diagnostic products. This extensive knowledge of adhesive tape development combined with comprehensive die-cutting capabilities shortens our customer‘s development cycles and increases flexibility in their production processes.

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Your benefits:

  • Flexible in function due to different material combinations
  • Available as non-cytotoxic adhesive tape
  • Various components available for medical sensors
  • Spacer tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, printed and unprinted cover tapes
  • Tapes available on rolls or as customizable die-cuts



Lateral Flow

Your benefits:

  • Flexible in function due to different material combinations
  • Available as non-cytotoxic adhesive tape
  • Printed and unprinted cover tapes
  • Various backing materials available in different thicknesses
  • Tailored to your specifications
  • Tapes available on rolls or as customizable die-cuts
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From high-tech tapes to process integration:  
Lohmann supports you locally - with InHouse-Converting at numerous locations worldwide

From the initial idea to the implementation into the final process – from prototyping to series production – Lohmann produces customer-specific adhesive tapes and converts them into die-cuts. Directly from one source, independently from intercontinental supply chains, in various high-precision manufacturing processes (e.g., laser plotter, rotary die-cutting, etc.) and in low μm-tolerances.

Benefit from Lohmann's converting network with numerous locations in Europe, America and Asia. With state-of-the-art coating, converting and die-cutting lines as well as technology centers, the experts in Lohmann's sites worldwide offer you all their know-how in the production and assembly of your individual adhesive solutions and advise you on site. 


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The whole product portfolio of single- and double-sided adhesive tape solutions is available on rolls, spools, as die-cuts or sheets. Lohmann provides customized laminates in a wide variety of materials that combine the individually required properties.In our extensive high-tech portfolio we offer, for example:

  • Insulating PET films in various colours and thicknesses, combined with adhesive on one or both sides of the tape.
  • PE, PU, EPDM foams or Acrylic Foam in various thicknesses can be combined with adhesive tapes 
  • Intumescent and thermally conductive materials with self-adhesive finishes
  • Electrically conductive fabrics or foams in combination with electrically conductive adhesives 

To support you in the project phase, Lohmann offers a wide range of tests used in the automotive industry and by OEMs, which are carried out in-house in modern high-tech laboratories as well as in cooperation with external institutes. Beside traditional static and dynamic test methods for peel, tack and shear strength, our adhesive specialists conduct various environmental testings for temperature, UV, humidity or chemical resistance. Furthermore, Lohmann has in-house test equipment for analyzing the conductivity, resistance and impedance of thermal interface materials (TIM) according to ASTM D5470. Apart from process aids such as mounting films or handling aids and simple applicators, Lohmann adhesive technology experts provide additional support for complex manufacturing concepts. To make your fully automated processes even more efficient, our solutions can be integrated reliably and seamlessly, thus enabling high quantity and cost-conscious manufacturing.

This is Lohmann’s “Smart Bonding Approach”

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