Adhesive tapes for ovens, cooktops and exhaust hoods

Application of adhesive tapes in ovens, cooktops & exhaust hoods:

Front panel


Oven and exhaust hood - Mechanical interfaces

For excellent fastening of front panels with cutouts for knobs, switches or displays, our foam adhesive tapes are particularly suitable as individual die-cut parts. In doing so, they fulfill several tasks at once: They seal against liquids, reduce vibrations and compensate for different thermal linear expansion of different materials.



  • Good compressibility
  • Stable compression set over the long term
  • Available in many thicknesses and densities
  • Good compensation properties of thermal linear expansion
  • Suitable for manual and automatic processing

Cook_Schematic structure of an oven control panel.png

Cook_Dish_Air Gap bonding in a display with Lohmann adhesive tape.png


Oven and exhaust hood - Display Air Gap Bonding

Displays and display units are cleanly and securely attached to the inside of the device with our closed-cell foam tapes. Die-cut parts ensure an efficient processing procedure and protect the display from moisture. We take your design and requirements into account in the production process.



  • Good compressibility
  • Stable compression set over the long term
  • Available in many thicknesses and densities
  • High dimensional stability
  • Suitable for manual and automatic processing

Decorative parts


Oven - Decorative front cover

Our thin, closed-cell foam adhesive tapes enable quick, clean and secure bonding of decorative front panels without slipping and curing times. Additional mechanical fixing is not necessary. We draw on our many years of expertise as one of the market leaders in mirror bonding in the furniture industry. Available as rolls, spools and die-cut parts.



  • High adhesion to many coatings and surfaces
  • Excellet automatic processability
  • Available in various thicknesses and colors

Cook_Bonding of an oven front cover.png

Cook_Bonding of trims on an oven door with Lohmann adhesive tape.png


Oven, cooktop and exhaust hood - Esthetic trims

The use of our foam adhesive tapes offers advantages for attaching decorative elements to the unit: They enable fast, clean and secure mounting, without slipping and curing times on the housing. Further mechanical fixings are not required.



  • High resistance to temperature and chemicals
  • High aging resistance
  • Excellent compensation of thermal expansion
  • High adhesion to glass and aluminum
  • Available in black an white

Induction unit


Cooktop - Ferritic magnets

Our double-sided foam tapes are the best choice for securely fixing ferritic magnets. They are characterized by very good temperature stability, chemical resistance as well as low emission values. The availability of the adhesive tape as a die-cut part on a roll guarantees good processing.



  • High temperature resistance
  • Low emission at operating temperature of the device
  • Available as die-cut, roll or spool

Cook_induction_field and magnet.png

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 Application Guide Cook en.pdf 

 Application Guide Cook en.pdf