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Encouraging children with cancer and letting them participate in social life

Lohmann donates to “Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder Koblenz e.V.”
The parents' initiative for children with cancer Koblenz e.V. supports children and parents during the difficult time of cancer therapy. The adhesive tape manufacturer Lohmann from Neuwied wants to help and donates 5000 €. The money will be used to buy "courage pearls" and small robots that will enable children with cancer to take part in everyday school life from their hospital beds.

The employees of the parents' initiative are in constant contact with the pediatric oncology department at the Kemperhof in Koblenz and visit the sick children and their parents. Through this contact, they learn about the worries and needs that every family with such a seriously ill child has. This year, the parents' initiative launched a new project that enables children to participate in everyday school life through a robot. "Unfortunately, it is not possible for children and young people with cancer to attend school during cancer therapy. The AV1 telepresence robot sits vicariously in the classroom. It is equipped with a camera and microphone, enabling the sick child to follow the lessons live and communicate with his or her classmates. In this way, the robot helps the children keep in touch with school and their social life," says Katharina Thönnessen from the “Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder Koblenz e.V.” This year, the association was able to purchase eight robots. Since the total costs, including maintenance, are very high, Lohmann is providing financial support with the donation. "As one of the largest employers in Neuwied, we not only act for our employees, but also for the people in our region. This project is a matter of the heart for us and we are happy to support the initiative in helping sick children find their way in everyday life," reports Lohmann's Managing Partner, Dr. Jörg Pohlman. In addition, part of Lohmann's donation will go to the "courage pearls" project. "Children who come to the ward with a diagnosis of 'cancer' and have to endure lengthy treatments are given individual courage pearls as a small consolation. The pearls are financed by donations from our initiative and by grants. In the case of long courses of illness, the children's necklaces can sometimes be meters long. We are therefore very pleased to receive support from Lohmann to help us implement our projects," continues Katharina Thönnessen from the parents' initiative.

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In the photo from left to right: Katharina Kunke (Lohmann), Katharina Thönnessen (Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder Koblenz e.V.), Dr. Jörg Pohlman (Lohmann)

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